Warrior rock band - Live music at its best!!!

Warrior are a hard working 4 piece rock covers band  who have been on the circuit  for over 11 years. We have played at working mens clubs, pubs, festivals and bike rallies we have also had the pleasure of playing at a few wedding and  have had repeat booking at a brewery, nice work if you can get it! Seriously all the members have been in a number of very successful bands over the years sadly these bands have kicked them out for one reason or another musical differences, but they are all very experienced drinkers and musicians .The truth of the matters is after a number of different line ups we now have the definitive WARRIOR ROCK BAND and will entertain what ever audience we meet. We have a wide and varied repertoire featuring classics from Pink floyd  Hendix and Queen to more current bands like the Stereophonics and the Killers.We have a full 5K PA and Lighting show depending on the size of the venue so we  hope to see you all very soon for a rocking good night !!!

Jonny Jack Plug - double neck Sitar and lead banjo player

Paul ''Reg''  - tambourine  bongos glockenspiel and maracas
Paul Furious   - Harpsichord  Moog and squeeze box
 Mark  'voice of an angel' Warrior  - electric tuba and  vocals

(please note and do not be alarmed  Furious has grown his hair and lost several inches in height since the making of this promotional video)
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Warrior Eastwood view
Sultans of swing
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